Nueces River Authority

Our Mission - Growing in Importance

Utilizing our statutory charge to provide trusted services to meet the needs of the people and environment; ensuring that future citizens will have adequate supplies of clean water where both people and wildlife can live, prosper and enjoy the natural beauty and biologically rich environment of the Nueces River basin.

Nueces River Authority (NRA) was created by the Texas legislature in 1935. Unlike typical government agencies, NRA does not tax, issue permits, or regulate. We receive no state or federal tax or appropriations revenue. Our income is mainly from contracted services.

We have broad authority to:

  •  preserve, protect, and develop water resources;
  • provide for flood control, irrigation, and navigation; 
  • develop parks and recreational facilities;
  • finance water supply, water treatment, and pollution control projects;
  • receive state and federal grants and loans.

Our Vision - Working to Make a Difference

The goals of the plan are driven by the following initiatives:

  • Greater education and engagement of stakeholders about the condition and value of our water resources and NRA’s role and purpose their protection and development.
  • Manage and develop facilities across the basin to address sustainability in water resource practices.
  • Maintain and improve business practices of the NRA.
  • Strengthen NRA’s relationships and partnerships to maintain and facilitate economic success.
  • Become a trusted leader in providing governmental operation and financial services.

NRA will pursue its statutory responsibilities hoping that years from now:

  •  future generations will continue to value and access the basin’s pristine Hill Country streams;
  • brush-country wildlife will continue to prosper, unthreatened by hazardous waste;
  • biologically rich bays and estuaries will continue to thrive;
  • citizens will continue to have and appreciate adequate supplies of clean water;
  • NRA will be instrumental in making it happen.