Nueces River Authority


Clean Rivers Program

The Texas Clean Rivers Program is a partnership between the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and regional water authorities to coordinate and conduct water quality monitoring, assessment, and stakeholder participation to improve the quality of surface water within each river basin.

Up2U Campaign

This project will cultivate a sustainable, behavior-changing, litter prevention program for Gulf of Mexico watersheds within the Coastal Bend of Texas by expanding the Up2U litter prevention program from the headwaters of the Nueces basin to six counties and ten watersheds within the Coastal Bend.

Free - Septic System Repair & Replacement Program - Gratis

The Nueces River Authority received a federal grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and administered by the Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program to fund OSSF (septic system) repairs and replacements. This project will focus on implementation in colonia communities located in Jim Wells, Nueces and San Patricio Counties.

This is a bacteria reduction program in targeted watersheds to provide financial assistance to eligible property owners to repair or replace existing septic systems that are failing. A failing septic system may release bacteria into the ground and surface water causing bacterial contamination and possible illnesses to humans and animals.

This program offers free of charge to the property owner, on a first come-first-serve basis, septic system pump-out, inspection, repair, and/or replacement if recommended by the septic inspector.

Pull. Kill. Plant.

Pull. Kill. Plant. refers to a three-pronged multi-year collaborative Project to control an invasive plant (Arundo donax) that was beginning to take over reparian areas within the Nueces Basin, particularly on the upper Nueces and Sabinal Rivers.

Your Remarkable Riparian

Your Remarkable Riparian Field Guide, the bigger, better, most of Texas edition, is now in production–along with Steve Nelle’s ultimate guide to managing riparian areas, Your Remarkable Riparian Owner’s Manual.