Nueces River Authority

TEKS Covered

Streamlined Science TEKS Adopted by the State Board of Education, effective August 27, 2018

Science TEKS reviewed and covered by Nueces River Authority



Kindergarten TEKS

K.1(B), K.2(A), K.2(E), K.3(A), K.3(B), K.3(C), K.6(D), K.7(B), K.7(C), K.9(B)

Key Points: Impact of littering; water as a natural resource and basic need

First Grade TEKS

1.1(B), 1.2(A), 1.2(C), 1.2(E), 1.3(A), 1.3(B), 1.6(A), 1.6(C), 1.7(B), 1.9(C)

Key Points: streams, lakes, oceans, conservation and reuse or recycling of paper, plastic, and metals

Second Grade TEKS

2.1(B), 2.2(A), 2.2(E), 2.2(F), 2.3(A), 2.3(C), 2.5(B), 2.7(B), 2.7(C), 2.9(A), 2.9(B), 2.9(C)

Key Points: fresh water and salt water; how living things are affected by their environment

Third Grade TEKS

3.1(B), 3.2(F), 3.3(A), 3.3(B), 3.3(C), 3.5(B), 3.5(C), 3.6(A), 3.6(C), 3.7(A), 3.7(C)

Key Points: states of matter (water, solid, liquid, gas); intro to condensation (prelim to water cycle)

Fourth Grade TEKS

4.1(B), 4.2(A), 4.3(A), 4.3(B), 4.3(C), 4.5(A), 4.6(A), 4.7(A), 4.7(B), 4.7(C), 4.8(B), 4.9(B), 4.10(A)

Key Points: water cycle (now introduced in 4th grade); importance of models and their limitations


Fifth Grade TEKS – First Science STAAR Test

5.1(B), 5.2(D), 5.2(F), 5.3(A), 5.5(A), 5.5(C), 5.7(B), 5.9(A), 5.9(B), 5.9(C)

Key Points: land forms as a result of changes by water and wind; sun and oceans interaction in water cycle;

impact of humans on ecosystem


Key Point for all grade levels: make informed choices in the conservation, disposal, and recycling of materials


Sixth Grade TEKS

6.1(B), 6.2(B), 6.2(E), 6.3(B), 6.3(C), 6.8(B), 6.12(F)

Key Points: advantages and limitations of models representing the real world; ecosystems



Seventh Grade TEKS

7.1(B), 7.3(B), 7.3(C), 7.4(A), 7.5(B), 7.8(A), 7.8(B), 7.8(C), 7.10(B)

Key Points: effects of human activity on groundwater and surface water in a watershed; weathering, erosion, and



Eighth Grade TEKS – Second Science STAAR Test

8.1(B), 8.2(B), 8.2(E), 8.3(A), 8.3(B), 8.3(C), 8.9(C), 8.11(B), 8.11(C)

Key Points: topographic maps, runoff water, effects of short and long-term environmental changes